About Y-Guru

Meeting all your overseas education needs

Y-Guru helps students realize their dream of studying abroad with comprehensive overseas education services. We offer a holistic approach to education that helps students identify the right course of action that serves as the launchpad for their future career. We help you at every step of this journey from counseling you on your choice of course to applications & visas and helping you get a job after graduation. A division of Y-Axis, India’s most successful overseas career consultant, Y-Guru makes the process of studying abroad easier than ever.

Why choose Y-Guru?

Studying abroad is an Investment and not an expense. Y-Guru helps you get the best return on this
investment (ROI) through a proven range of overseas education services.

Studying Overseas is not just about Admissions.

What you do upon graduation is critical in choosing the program and country. See how you can work and stay back in the country legally. When you spend between Rs.10-15 lacs on your overseas education, you must be sure you got value for it.

Here are the five things it must buy :
  • A Degree
  • A set of skills
  • At least 1-2 years of work authorization in that country so that you can gain valuable work experience.
  • Eligibility for a Permanent Resident status in that country.
  • Confidence

If your investment does not get you the aforementioned items, you must think twice. Remember, however desperate you may be, make sure you don’t get yourself in a circumstance where you overstay and lose the credibility with the consulate. Being Immigration and Visa Advisors, Y-AXIS Study Overseas always aims to ensure that you get more than just an admission. We chalk out a career path based on the job market and current immigration rules applicable to students.

Our Services

Y-Guru is more than just an overseas education consultancy. We help you take the first step to
a successful overseas career. Our services are backed by years of experience and
have simplified the process of overseas education.

You don’t have to be confused about your choice of career. Our experienced counselors
help you chart your educational journey to help you launch a meaningful career.

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Based on your interests & inclinations, we help you find the best course in the best university.
We assist you throughout your admissions process with services such as interview trainings.

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More information must be available on Test Preparation. Currently, only Online Test preparation details are shown. Also, in the list of services on the Home Page.

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As a part of the Y-Axis Immigration group, Y-Guru offers you India’s most successful visa & immigration
support processes. We have the experience & track record to improve your chances of going abroad.

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Y-Guru is your complete travel agent assisting you with booking tickets, visas, arranging for in-transit travel and all
other details. We make sure you begin your educational career with no travel hiccups.

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Y-Guru helps arrange student loans at the best rates for you. We are partnered with leading financial institutions to
get you quick approvals at the best rates.

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Get customized services in India and abroad, ranging from document pickups to car rentals with a service dedicated to taking
care of the small but time consuming tasks.

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The world needs educated & skilled professionals with the documentation to settle anywhere.
We help you capitalize on this need with proven overseas career services.

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