Helping you make
the right decision


Y-Guru’s personalized counseling process gives you the clearest roadmap to an overseas education. Our team of experienced counselors follows a proven process to help you choose the best option. What makes our solution so comprehensive is that we approach overseas education as a stepping stone to a successful international career. We know that studying abroad is an expensive proposition and we hope to stack the odds in your favour with a thorough plan to maximize the return on your investment.

Our approach - Our process begins with evaluating your profile, taking into account academics, extra-curricular activities, visa history and your future plans. Based on this, our research team creates the Eligibility Report that identifies the best schools and countries for you. We then assist you with admissions and other requirements to get your educational journey started.

Free counseling - Sometimes, all you need is a discussion with someone who has the answers. Every applicant that approaches us gets a complimentary counseling session with our counselors. If you have simple questions or just need a nudge in the right direction, we’re happy to help you. We only charge for our in-depth eligibility reports that are customized to find the best course in the best country for you.

Improving application
success rates

Admissions Support

Admissions processes are different for different institutions. When you want to increase your chances of getting accepted by your top choice schools, you need expert support.

Admissions guidance - Get accurate data to make the right applications decision. Applying to universities is a cost in itself, thus putting greater emphasis on the institutions you choose to apply to. Our team guides you through this shortlisting process to find universities where you have the highest chance of acceptance. We help you understand the process and meet the prerequisites laid out before you application can be reviewed.

Applications assistance - The application is the most critical part of your admissions process. Our experienced Admissions team assists you with fulfilling application requirements and helps you review the same before sending it. We help you review your SOP, recheck the accuracy of all the details and ensure you are sending all the documentation necessary.

Smart prep for
a smarter future

online courses

Y-Guru helps you increase your chances of getting into the best institutions with online test prep courses. Created by our partner organization, we help you ace your TOEFL, GRE, SAT, GMAT and ACT with effective and proven online test prep material. With hundreds of hours of video guides, mock tests, and a personalized approach, you have all the resources at your disposal. Our friendly instructors and tutors help you wherever you need extra support. With trackable, verbal oriented lessons, you get immense value for money with our online courses. We are also in the process of launching coaching centers where you can get a more conventional test preparation experience.

Supercharge your visa
application process


When you decide to study abroad, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Visas and immigration are the only grey areas of a process that is otherwise well structured. Y-guru assists you in your visa process with dedicated support.

Visa counseling and eligibility - As a part of the Y-Axis Immigration group, Y-Guru offers best in class visa support services. Before you even begin your admission process, we evaluate your visa eligibility while counseling to choose the country where you have the highest chances of success. Our eligibility reports look at all the options and present the right course of action to you.

Visa application and preparation - Visa applications and interviews can be complicated. Bank on our team’s expertise to accurately fill out your application and get your paperwork in order. We help you prepare your application package which you can then send to the consulate. We also coach you through the interview process so that you are well prepared to face consulate officials.

Solve all your
travel problems


With Y-Guru, you don’t need a travel agent. We are a full-fledged immigration & travel services provider and we take care of all your travel needs. Whether it’s booking expensive flight tickets on your behalf or buying insurance or managing in-transit travel, we take care of all the details so all you need to do is buckle up. We know that going abroad to study is an exciting new experience and we go all out to ensure that you face zero troubles getting to your dream college.

We also arrange campus visits for your parents, helping with everything from visas to tickets and stay. This way, your family can be there when you don the black cape and get ready to graduate.

Bringing overseas
education closer

student loans

Y-Guru is partnered with HDFC Credila and helps students receive the financial support to make their dreams of an overseas education come true. With their support, you can meet all the financial requirements expected of students to create a strong I-20 form. Our funding does not stop at just your college course. You can also fund your living expenses for the duration of your course so you do not depend on your parents for funds.

Taking care of
the details


Applications for college and visas can be a very time intensive affair. From getting your transcripts from the university to notary visits to various attestations, there are a lot of mundane tasks that clutter up your day. Y-Guru simplifies this with our highly personalized concierge services.

Dependable & punctual - Y-Guru’s concierge services go above and beyond to help you avoid any bureaucratic hassles. Our trained team coordinates with you to ensure the tasks that have been assigned are accurately and quickly completed.

Post-Landing services - We also support you in settling down in the country you choose to study in. Our concierge team can assist you with instances such as renting a car or apartment, joining local associations and filing paperwork. We also undertake personalized requests, all to make it as easy for you to comfortably settle into your new life.

Start your overseas career
upon graduation


Tap into Y-Guru’s global reach to enhance your career prospects. As a part of the Y-Axis Immigration group, Y-Guru’s roots lie in helping clients build a global career. We help you build on your foreign education with a step-by-step process to increase your chances off getting a job abroad.

Resume writing services - Y-Guru helps you get ahead of other applicants with a professional resume as per international standards. A huge chunk of resumes remain unopened and we help you avoid this with a resume that is at once sophisticated and easy to understand.

Resume marketing services - Leverage our international network to increase the reach of your resume. Through Y-Axis, Y-Guru helps market your resume to recruiters and companies looking for qualified talent. From sending your profile to recruiters to finding and applying to open jobs on your behalf, we leverage different media to increase your visibility.